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Dubai city is best known for its modern commercial centre with a liberal sprinkle of extensive shopping malls, numerous luxury hotels and the amazing desert experiences. But, beyond the centralized presentation of the advanced and convenient lifestyle entertainment destinations, Dubai has much more to offer along the coastal areas and inner city districts.

Some of these areas are the best for touring and spending hours of leisure on a weekend or holiday.

Dubai City tour and relaxation activities and experiences are widely varied, from simply lying on a private beach to spending the day at an exclusive luxury spa resort.


How you spend your Dubai city tour times is your choice and people, being people, have very different preferences. You could be the type to surf or Jet Ski on a clear blue sky morning, or you could be the type of person who curls up in bed with a good book.


Whether you love sedentary leisure or high-energy relaxation, our Dubai tour packages has something to offer to appeal your unique tastes. For instance, consider the Assawan Spa at Burj Al Arab hotel, the finest spa in all of Dubai, located within the walls of the world’s only ’seven-star’ luxury hotel. A two-hour session at this exclusive centre can cost you around $500.


If you enjoy nature and the outdoors, there are no better places to tour than the Dubai Garden Centre, Dubai Flower Centre and the variety of parks located around the city. Children will definitely have a gala time at the Dubai Creek Park, as it offers fun activities, dolphin shows and lots of recreational space.


The Dubai beaches will serve as excellent Dubai tourist attractions too. For the more active, booking a desert safari during a holiday or going skiing at Ski Dubai would be a wonderful experience. Water parks such as Wild Wadi and Splash land (at Dubai Creek Park) add to the choices available.


For the sporty people, Dubai Aerodrome usually puts on a car race or two and has a separate track for go-karting. The Nad Al Sheba Horse Racing Track, Dubai Golf Club, Madinat Jumeirah Theater, Dubai Community Theater, Dubai Festival City and many other specialized arenas, theaters and galleries are available for a vast choice for relaxation and leisure in our Dubai Tour Packages and Dubai Tourist Attractions tour Packages.


Dubai Nightlife and Touring

Dubai tour packages at night info: Visitor or resident, on Thursday night, everyone in Dubai is hit with a dilemma – where to? Nightlife in Dubai is centered within the hotels, because only hotels are allowed to serve alcohol.

Every luxury and regular hotel in Dubai features a nightclub, disco, pub, lounge or bar and has built up a regular clientele over the years.

The large expatriate community has contributed heavily to the nightlife scene in Dubai, because it’s evident most nightspots are created and designed to suit the preferences of different nationalities.

Themes vary and the exact boundaries between dance clubs, discotheques and bars may blur at times, but overall, Dubai has a fantastic nightlife and we are making Dubai night life unique by our Dubai Tour at Night deals.

The legal age for entering nightclubs in Dubai is 21 years. Identity proof is usually necessary and every nightspot has its own dress code and if you don’t adhere to it, you might be left standing outside.

The safest dress code is to wear smart attire – no shorts, t-shirts, sandals and sneakers. Jeans are alright, as long as the outfit is properly put together (no sporting wear).

All Dubai nightclubs are legally obliged to close by 3:00 am and most have a ‘couples only’ policy, which means couples and single women are allowed, but single men are not. Most clubs have an entrance fee for single men, which can be quite high.

These regulations are built-in to the nightlife scenario, mostly because singles of the opposite sexes mixing is not seeing favorably according to Dubai’s culture. Ladies are given first preference over many things and Dubai’s nightlife is extremely great for the partying woman. Special nights out for the ladies-only are common in Dubai.

Wild and crazy nightlife is common in Dubai, but all of its located indoors, within restricted areas only. Some relatively strict guidelines apply to both the visitors and nightlife establishments.


Before getting our night Dubai tour packages deals, above details must be considered prior by customers.


Dubai City Tour and Transportation info


Dubai is the city of tourist, attractions and full of thrill, each day thousands of visitors, traveler, families, tourist arriving Dubai UAE and eager to have Dubai City Tour to explore all beauty of Dubai city.


Dubai has an advanced infrastructure on par with the world’s best. Plenty of road networks, telecommunications, service and utility structures, transport systems, tourist attraction and much more contribute to the success of Dubai as both a commercial and tourism hub.

Dubai spares no expense when it concerns building its infrastructure further and this is quite obvious in its elaborate ongoing projects.


The need for advanced infrastructure in Dubai is no secret, because it’s home to some of the most globally renowned businesses, tourist and relies heavily on the economic sectors dominated by them.

Sophisticated facilities, best tourist spots and services are among the many attractive aspects of Dubai and the modern infrastructure helps maintain those qualities.


Dubai Tour Packages with Dubai Shopping


Dubai is synonymous with shopping and the reputation it has for incredible duty-free shopping opportunities is only rivaled by Hong Kong. Dubai shopping is both a local pastime and a tourist attraction.

Dubai shopping hot spots are also the most popular Dubai city tour spots for the younger crowds during day time.

The Mall of the Emirates is the biggest shopping mall in Dubai, representing every brand name and designer label in the world.

The world’s largest indoor ski slope is also located here. But, it won’t be the largest for long, because Dubai Mall is coming up right in the central city and will be the world’s largest shopping mall.

Ibn Batuta Mall is a must-visit shopping venue in Dubai in our Dubai tour packages, with separate divisions symbolizing various countries, such as the Chinese, Indian and Persian courts.

Relatively calmer and more luxurious, Bur Juman is the place to find Chanel, Donna Karan, Prada and the likes. The Italian-themed Mercato Mall in Jumeirah is a good alternative for those who prefer quiet and sparse hangouts.

If you get enough of shopping malls after awhile and want to include something more in your Dubai city tour packages, the traditional markets known as the Souqs are where you should head to. Don’t miss the Dubai Gold Souq and Spice Souq, places where you’ll find the most incredible bargains.

The Souqs are constructed around narrow paths and the tiny shops are dotted along them.

Mina Bazaar is a must-visit little gem in the winding back roads of central Dubai. As a flea market, it offers just about everything from colorful textiles and footwear to costume jeweler and antiques.


Dubai Tour Packages Price with Low Budget Guides


‘Dubai Tour Packages with low Budget’ may not seem to be the ideal word to describe Dubai, a place world-renowned for its luxurious hotels, beaches and exclusive leisure destination activities and experiences. But, not everyone who travels to Dubai in search of a little bit of paradise can afford to spend thousands of dollars on flights, accommodation, touring Dubai city and getting around the city.

That’s why we have different packages of Dubai city tour & Dubai sightseeing packages option for anyone wishing to keep their costs low while making the most out of a budget travel plan.

So, how can the common man fit in our Dubai Tour package on a small budget? By starting with the destination flight. Most airlines originating in the Middle East and Asia offer economy flights to Dubai, including Air Lingus, Aero Asia, Air Arabia, Air Blue, Air India Express, Bahrain Air, Jazeera Airways and Kang Pacific.

Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline and British Airways also offer economy class flights from European and Western cities.

Next, the accommodation must be considered. Hotel apartments are the ideal for budget travelers. The old city areas in Dubai are famed for their budget hotels, which are in the two to three star ranges.

All modern amenities and conveniences are available in these hotels and self-catering is an option. Compact and economy range vehicles are readily available for those who wish to use our Tourist buses, or van for their Dubai city tour or sightseeing transportation.

Most Dubai tour packages provider companies and travel agents offer all-inclusive tour packages, which usually include the air ticket, accommodation and a suitable itinerary for Dubai sightseeing and tourism activities. But we provide only Dubai City Tour Transportation and Desert Safari Dubai booking.

The desert safari and our Dubai city tour buses are among the budget traveler’s favorites.  Hiring Tourist Bus or Minivan is great for experiencing most of Dubai without heavy much expenses if you are a big group or family.

We have the best deals of Dubai Tour Packages – Sightseeing Dubai Tourist Attractions on daily and weekly basis for families and big groups hiring tourist buses for more than 3 days.

So what are you waiting for? Get our best deals of Dubai City Tour, Dubai Sightseeing and Explore To Dubai Tourist attractions on low budget rates.


Send us an inquiry of your itinerary and we will provide best Dubai city tour price packages in few minutes with best tour itinerary.

Dubai City Tour & Dubai Tour Packages


Dubai city is much more liberal than other Arab world nations and you’ll see this when you step in to the emirate. While the entire city looks like one giant building construction site at first glance, Dubai is among the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations at present.

This is because Dubai has several tourist attractions, sightseeing tours, activities and leisure spots for the tourist to enjoy. Some of these we have included in our Dubai tour packages are highly popular and considered to be the best tourist attraction which we have included in our Dubai city tour itinerary.

Dubai is an exotic destination, widely loved by European and Asian tourists. It’s not for the nature-lover, unless you consider Fujairah and Al Ain regions, which are quite further away from Dubai city.

Dubai is a tourist attractions for those who love everything modern with a touch of history, culture and tradition to make things unique for a truly unforgettable holiday experience.

Dubai welcomes foreigners with open arms. The emirate’s population consists mostly of expatriates, nearly 90%, so the atmosphere is quite liberal, multicultural and surprisingly multifaceted.

You will find many shopping and entertainment opportunities to keep you occupied and the variety of lifestyle venues will give you plenty of things to do by booking your Dubai city tour deals with us.

So let’s describe below our Dubai city tour deals info and how we serve customers.


Dubai Tour Packages and Itinerary


Our Tour Bus driver will pick up you from any destination in Dubai, like your hotel, home etc and will commence toward the thrilling journey of Dubai city tour.


  • Dubai Museum: Driver will further move you to our next tourist spot, Dubai Museum (Al Fahidi Fort), Dubai Museum is Dubai main museum built in 1787, It’s the oldest building in Dubai city, This tourist spot will get you back to the past life of Arab, You will imagine the life standard of Arab people prior to discovery of Oil and development.


  • Gold Souk Dubai: It’s the 2nd tourist attraction in our Dubai Tour Packages, Its one of the best traditional spot in Dubai City, located in Deira Dubai, Gold souk consist of 260 Jewelry shops, It’s the main Hub spot of gold trading in Middle East region.


  • Burj Al Arab (Our first tour spot, Burj Al Arab exciting view is waiting for you, It is one of the top 7 Star hotel in Middle East, You will indulge by sightseeing of Burj Al Arab with sea view here. Enough time will be given in our Dubai tour services for photo shots and sightseeing.

  • Jumeirah Mosque Dubai: After finishing all the activities in Burj AL Arab driver will drive you toward Jumeirah Mosque, Its one of the Top religious place in Dubai city where non Muslim are allowed to enter, It’s the most photographed spot in our journey of Dubai tour, the mosque is built in traditional Fatimid. The design structure reflects Egypt and Syrian style.


  • Jumeirah Beach: Jumeira Beach located just near to Jumeirah Mosque, and will take max 15 minutes to reach; here you can have photo shots for memory saving in edge of beach.


  • The Palm Island: The adventure of our Dubai tour packages deal is not yet end, Driver will next drive you to the most amazing spot The Palm Island Dubai. The shape of this area is like Palm tree situated in edge of Arab ocean.


  • Atlantis Hotel: The most luxury hotel and resort of Dubai, Its located in Palm Jumeirah Island, You will be amazed to see the historical hotel with back view of sea.


  • Mall of The Emirate: Our next spot if customer want to have a costly and luxury shopping, MOL is the biggest shopping Mall in terms of area in UAE. It contain of more than 800 Shops with different types of shopping goods etc.


  • Dubai Mall: After finishing MOL driver will drive you straight to Dubai Mall if you want to have some more shopping or sightseeing interior of this luxury built Mall.


  • Burj Khalifa: The last point of our journey is Burj Khalifa, the world tallest skyscraper, located in neighbor of Dubai Mall; customer can even go by legs from Dubai Mall to have an outer sightseeing.


After covering all the tourist spot in one Day Dubai Tour Packages driver will drop you back to you hotel.

Dubai Tourist Attractions


Dubai is the city of adventure and full of tourist attraction, below we have mention few of them. Customer can choose his own tourist attraction from below list and can include it in our Dubai city tour itinerary.


  • Deira Dubai
  • Gold Souk (The Gold Market)
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Atlantis Hotel Dubai
  • Palm Jumeriah
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Dubai Museum (Al Fahidi)
  • Dubai Creek & Al Seef District
  • Dubai Mall
  • Mall of The Emirates
  • Bastakia Old Dubai
  • Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
  • Dubai Frame
  • Sheikh Zayed Road Sightseeing
  • Heritage Village Dubai
  • Dubai Aquarium
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • IMG Park
  • Dubai Opera
  • Kite Beach
  • Dubai Art District
  • Water Park Aqua-venture

  • Miracle Garden
  • Global Village (Opened in Winter season only)
  • Dubai Marina
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Ski Dubai
  • Wild Wadi Water Park
  • Dubai Underwater Zoo
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Bollywood Park Dubai
  • Dolphin Bay
  • Safa Park Dubai


Dubai Tour Booking / Cancellation / Amendments Policy


  • Booking shall be made at least 24 hours prior to services start time (It’s not mandatory, we process booking even in same day but advance bookings are more convenient for us).


  • In case of Cancellation / Amendment of tour / trips from customers side, Customer shall inform us 24 hours in advance from services start date else 50% rental amount will be applicable.


  • Those tourist spots which need entry tickets shall be arranged by customer by his self in advance.


  • Infant and children below 3 years are free from entry ticketing cost.


  • We accept payment by Cash, and shall be paid to driver at services 1st


  • Advance payment deposit through bank account facilities are available too.

Places To Visit In Dubai

Dubai Tour with Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai Tour


The world tallest skyscraper, located in the heart of Dubai, Dubai down town area just in the neighbor of Dubai Mall.

Burj Khalifa height is 830 Meter, the building inaugurated in 2010.

If you are looking for a true off-track adventure, you should venture in to the Burj Khalifa.

If you have bought ticket of Burj Khalifa, so you will have the most breathtaking view of Dubai city from the Top of Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa attracts visitors from the entire world since the building inaugurated. You will be amazed to see such a wonderful tower by your eyes; the human engineering is so awesome.

Burj Khalifa is the largest ever structure made by humans in the history of time.

Sightseeing Burj Khalifa in evening with fountain show and dancing double the adventure of tourist.

This is considered the most Top tourist attraction out of all other attraction in our Dubai city tour packages and tourist are eager to have the first view of this amazing place.

Burj Al Arab Dubai Tour - Dubai Tourist Attraction

Burj Al Arab Dubai Tour


The 7 stare luxury hotel of in Dubai and the most expensive hotel located in island in Dubai Jumeirah beach areas.  This is one of the top tourist attraction inclusion in our Dubai tour packages, Its first man made triangle shape hotel.

You will be really amazed to see the surrounding atmosphere of the luxury hotel with amazing beach view.


You will surely love to see the architectural design of Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The fantastic places around Burj Khalifa Hotel make this tourist spot like a castle in a fairy tale. It is one of the must see place in Dubai UAE.

Atlantis Hotel the Palm Dubai Tour

Atlantis Dubai Hotel The Palm


It’s a Majestic resort constructed on Palm Island, The Hotel offers adventure and relaxation thrill for families and tourists. Once you arrived to this beautiful attraction you will indeed amazed with new experienced you have ever imagined.

The outer sightseeing view with ocean view is the best place for photo shots.


Atlantis hotel is really fantastic with Aqua Venture Park in the campus. The hotel is simply huge and attractive. It’s the must visit tourist attraction. Dubai tour packages with not inclusion of Atlantis mean you have mess Dubai top tourist spot.

Enjoy tourist Atlantis Hotel and the Palm Dubai with us by luxury tourist buses.

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai Tour

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai


The most top photographic spot in our Dubai tour packages.

This beautiful religious mosque located in Jumeirah area, and it is one of the religious places in Dubai where even no Muslim are allowed going inside.

Women have to wear Abaya before getting in to the religious spot.


Jumeirah Mosque rounding areas are also really amazing full of greenness.

Jumeirah Mosque is built in traditional Fatimid with Egyptian and Syrian architectural design.

The mosque is built entirely with white stone which generate an amazing view in evening time when the lights of mosque got ON.

Dubai Museum Tour, Dubai Tourist Attractions

Dubai Museum – Historical Dubai Tourist Attraction


Heritage can take many forms and in Dubai, it’s all depicted in a variety of old photographs, taken long before the oil boom. The historic Arab architecture and falconry coupled with ancient dhow boats and camel caravans make Dubai an intriguing destination to explore.

If you step into the Dubai Museum or Sheik Saeed House, you’ll see how important the pearling and fishing industries once were.


The entire history of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates can be seeing in these magnificent tributes to yester year, beginning from the Bedouin tribes settled along the vast desert lands. In summary, Dubai began as the home of a constantly wandering Bedouin tribe, evolved into an English protectorate and trade hub in the 18th century, a pearling centre of utmost significance in the 1930s and is today a commercial hub recognized by the entire world.

Al Mamzar Beach Dubai Tour- Dubai Tourist Attractions

Al Mamzar Beach Dubai


For instance, did you know Dubai has over fifty recreational parks within just the city limits? There are numerous parks located within freehold residential communities as well. The most popular Dubai public parks are Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai Creek side Park, Mushrif Park and Al Safa Park. Plenty of smaller, child-friendly, public


recreational parks are located throughout the city, even right in the middle of busy commercial streets. These are attractive spots for picnics and leisure outings for the family.

Jumeirah Beach Dubai Tour

Jumeirah Beach Dubai Tour


Dubai beaches are another must-visit place while you are in the city. Famed for its impassive stretch of white sand gently and regularly touched by the rolling azure sea waves, the Jumeirah Beach is the most visited Dubai beach. The beach stretches along for several kilometers and the fragmented stretches of the Jumeirah Beach are privately owned by the five-star hotels alongside the coastline.


The beach is therefore only open to guests of each hotel. However, the beach section belonging to the Jumeirah Park is open to anyone who visits the park. The other popular beach in Dubai is located in Al Mamzar, Deira, which is open to the public. Smaller beaches are located along the other coastal areas.

Dubai public parks and beaches are heavily crowded on Thursdays and Fridays, especially during the evenings, because it’s the weekend. Surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving and other water sports are allowed along the beachside.

Global Village Dubai Tour packages

Global Village Dubai Tour


Living in Dubai, even for a short time period, can be a wonderful experience. The roads are relatively clean, everything is at your convenience and if you have the money to spend, there are plenty of places to go to and enjoy at leisure. Shopping malls, amusement parks, indoor game arcades and pool/billiards bars top the list


among the popular lifestyle and entertainment venues in Dubai, but fun and entertainment is in no way limited to those.

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai


Whether you are travelling with children, as a couple or with a whole group, Dubai is a place to enjoy a wonderful holiday if you know where to go and what to do. Among the many aspects of modern Dubai, amusement parks are highlighted as fun-for-all venues, day or night. There’s enough to go around for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer the old-fashioned rides and games or the advanced 3D technology-based amusement.

With over 300 rides, Wild Water Water Park is a firm favorite among tourists and residents alike. It features the fastest and tallest water speed rides anywhere besides North America.


Dubai’s outdoors has little to offer, especially during the summer season, when it’s sizzling. But, you’ll find plenty of water parks and theme parks outdoors.

In a bid to attract tourists throughout the year, Dubai has a great many amusement parks to provide everyone with entertainment, no matter when they visit Dubai.

Water parks are perhaps the most sought-after during the summer season. While the afternoon is the worst time, by evening, these parks are packed to capacity with tourists and residents alike.

The most famous water park in Dubai is the Wild Wadi, which offers over 300 water rides and a plethora of fun activities themed around water, water and more water.


Ski Dubai Tour - Tourist Attractions

Ski Dubai – Dubai Tourist Attractions


Dubai is world-famous for another theme park – Ski Dubai. Located inside Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is the region’s largest indoor ski park, with real snow, skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding to thrill your adventurous soul.

Other theme parks in Dubai include Al Nasr Leisure land and the upcoming Dubai land, the world’s largest ever theme park, offering an unbelievable range of activities that are simply too long to provide in a list.


The entire theme park will be twice the size of Walt Disney Resort in Florida and house all sorts of entertainment in six, massive themed zones.

The first and largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East, Ski Dubai has ski slopes for the experienced skiers and those who wish to take lessons, as well as a snow park for enjoying snowboarding, tobogganing and just plain snow fun.


Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Desert Safari Dubai Tour


No trip to Dubai is complete if you forego the Desert Safari Dubai experience. The big sand dunes are tackled head on via 4-wheel drive vehicles and the bumpy ride is part of the adventure.

Once you reach the middle of the desert, you’ll find a camp set-up centered around Bedouin tents.


Spending the night under the dark desert skies has its own charm. Belly dancers lighten up the mood and anyone can join in. Camel rides and henna art are also part of this experience.

We offer Dubai City Tour with Desert Safari inclusion on low rates.

Get the promo desert safari Dubai deals now

Shopping malls in Dubai Tour

Shopping Malls in Dubai Tour


Dubai is synonymous with ‘duty-free shopping’ and it’s not a surprise. Large shopping malls selling international designer clothing and brands are scattered everywhere in the city and the prices are reasonable.

Traditional shopping markets, known as souqs, also act as tourist attractions in Dubai.


These souqs are located alongside the Dubai Creek, where ancient cargo ships unloaded a variety of goods. There are gold, spice and perfume souqs, as well as a multifaceted flea market known as the Mina Bazaar.

Apart from above souqs, there are many luxury and costly shopping Malls which are the best tourist attraction also, like Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates etc

Our Dubai City Tour Packages included of all famous Dubai shopping malls, Customer can even choose their own choice shopping malls for shopping.

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