Abu Dhabi City Tour Info


Abu Dhabi city tour with us will make your adventure memory unforgettable forever.

Abu Dhabi city consider one of the best city in terms of living in the entire plant.

It’s the capital of United Arab Emirate, and the residence of the Ruler of UAE.

Not long ago Abu Dhabi city was just an island full of desert and few palm trees and less building, but after discovery of oil the city start transferring into modern city.

Now Abu Dhabi city is the richest city with high raise buildings, luxury shopping malls, and the hub of business in UAE.

You will explore more about the city of religious and Arab tradition in our Abu Dhabi city tour packages.

Abu Dhabi city is the 2nd largest city in line to population in UAE.

Abu Dhabi city has now the best tourist spot because of his well organized infrastructure and amazing attractions.

So be ready and expect something different and full of thrill in your journey of Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai with us by tourist buses.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi city distance by tourist buses approx 1 hour and 30 minutes by Sheikh Zayed road, and it’s going to be super exited and convenient.

We use Van, Buses 7 seater, 12 seater, 15 seater , 30 seater, 35 seater and luxury 50 seaters tourist vehicles for Abu Dhabi city tour with executive and experience drivers, There are a lot of fun we are going to indulge you with.

So what are you waiting for Whatsapp us +971553038615 / email or call us and book your city tour Abu Dhabi / Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai deals on very competitive rates with best city tour itinerary.


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Abu Dhabi Tour From Dubai


Touring/Sightseeing Abu Dhabi Tour From Dubai is one full day activity, Full day considered max 10 hours, and excess hours considered overtime accordingly.

Out tour driver with bus or van (subjected to which vehicle you booked for Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai ) will pick up you from any destination of yours e.g , Your staying hotel, home, villa etc and will drive you through the most amazing road of UAE, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.

Driving via Sheikh Zayed Road you will enjoy music on the bus as well as road sightseeing will make your travel time amazing. Driving on the road you will indeed grab enough enjoyment by seeing different types of building and malls etc.

After 1 hour and 40 Minutes approx travel we will arrive the historical city of UAE, Abu Dhabi.

On arrival to Abu Dhabi city, driver will take you to Ferrari World.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: We will stay for a short time in Ferrari World, Here you can go inside of the building where you will see some shopping shops and luxury and most expensive Ferrari cars. Note: Tickets are required to be bought prior by guest if someone want to go inside racing area.

Guest will have enough time to go to nearest luxury shopping Mall, Yas Mall which is situated just in neighbor of Ferrari World. The Mall offers an amazing shopping; you will experience great time in Mall.

Our tour driver will take you further to the most visited tourist spot, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi: It’s the largest Mosque in the Middle East, and the place of Muslims religious and prays. The mosque took 11 years to complete and partial extension works are still going on.  Mosque has an historical library which consist of Historical Islamic books, historical arts, coins and some more books which dating back more than 210 years.

The design idea of Mosque is taken from Badshahi Masjid Lahore, Persian and Mughal Mosques.

The carpet of prayer hall is the biggest carpet in the world; you will see the unique amazing lightness effect at evening time which reflecting floors & wall marbles and generating an amazing view. Here you will also see the amazing Art and Architects. In the Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi visitors can take photos for their memory.

Our next stop in our Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai will be Emirate Palace

Emirate Palace Abu Dhabi: it’s the most luxuries hotel in Abu Dhabi, This tourist attraction invite all age of human to see the royal interior. This wonder hotel will surely generate (WOW Amazing) from your mouth. The Most attractive spot in our Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai packages.

After short stay and photo shots bus will take you to the Abu Dhabi city beach and then drive toward the most Historical spot of Abu Dhabi, Heritage Village

Heritage Village: Here you will see a rush of multinational visitors came to explore the history of Arab by their own eyes, Its unique place showcasing the past living standard of Arab life, Here you will see old types of homes, shops, historical accessories/items etc. In short this place will get you back 150 Years back to imagine the living standard of Arab people, you will truly amaze by seeing old style Handicrafts.

Separate portion for Museum situated in corner of Heritage Village, which is full of historical things like Old jewelry, old wooden works, dresses, foods, daily human usages items, and old pictures of UAE which showcase the history of Arab.

After short staying in Heritage village we will go ahead toward inside Abu Dhabi city areas for sightseeing and then driven toward our last Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai deals next spot Abu Dhabi Museum Louvre.

Abu Dhabi Louvre: The recently opened, the wonder spot of Abu Dhabi city, it is an civilization museum full of Arts.

On return from Abu Dhabi city journey driver will drop you back to your residence places in Dubai city.

Inclusion in Abu Dhabi City Tour


  • Pickup from any hotel/ place in Dubai areas.


  • Drive VIA Sheikh Zayed Road toward Abu Dhabi city (Travel time is approx 1 hour 30 Minutes by Tourist Buses or Van.


  • Ferrari World (our first stop on arrival to Abu Dhabi city) Here you can have sightseeing of inside Ferrari world building, photo shots, shopping.


  • Yas Mall, Yass Mall is located in neighbor of Ferrari world, guest can even walk here and have shopping for short time.


  • Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque, Our 2nd tourist spot, Sheikh Zayed Mosque inside sightseeing, photo shots, historical library visit etc are main activity for visitors.


  • Heritage Village, drive through Abu Dhabi beach roads toward this Historical spot.


  • Emirate Palace, The most luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi (Photo shots, sightseeing).

  • Date Market (Stop over) fresh and unique dates market.


  • Abu Dhabi Museum Louvre (Optional) subjected to customer demands and if they have prior entry tickets.


  • Driven back to drop off in Dubai.


Abu Dhabi City Tour Booking / Cancellation Policy


  • Booking shall be made minimum 1 day prior. Same day booking can be also processed but advance booking is favorable.


  • For customer convenience booking payment can be deposit to our account or can be paid to driver by cash on pickup time.


  • Customer shall arrange entry tickets for those places which required entry tickets in advance ( Its subjected to if customer want to go inside of paid areas like Ferrari World racing area, Louvre museum or Emirate Park & Zoo etc, Note: for sightseeing no entry required tickets are required.


  • Infants below 3 years are free to get in to paid areas. 3 to 10 years child ticket rates are child rates while children above 10 years considered adult.


Cancellation:  Full payment will be charged if booking cancelled within same day of services date. Cancellation made one day back than services date so half rental amount will be applicable from customers.

Places To Visit in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi Tour

Abu Dhbai Tour with Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


The most tourist attraction inclusion in Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai packages,

You must be heard about the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, you will find this amazing tourist and religious place really great.

The mosque is long enough to accommodate over 40k worshiper, while the main prayer hall accommodate up to 7k worshiper.

As the country Grand Mosque it’s the key place for Friday prayer gathering and EID Prayer.

Inside the Mosque visitors are asked to dress up properly by wearing Abaya in order to enter the Mosque premises. It’s a special dress for women.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi construction & design unit the world using different types of material from different countries including India, Egypt, Germany, Turkey and some others.

More than 3k workers and 38 contracting companies took part in the construction of the Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi.

The carpet in the main prayer hall considers being the world largest carpet. It took 2 years to complete; the carpet has been assembled from Iran.

The Mosque is one of the largest project of its kind anywhere in the world, covered from end to end in the purist white Marbles.

The evening lightening will make your day when light reflect from white marble toward sky, the view in the evening is really amazing.

Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai with Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari World


Every Ferrari cars lover must visit this tourist attraction, to see the never forgettable speedy drive. Ferrari World is the 1st Ferrari brand Theme Park in Middle East.

Tourist will get really indulge by seeing world fasted roller coaster situated in Ferrari World.

Experience the fast & furious thrill of all ages including child in this tourist attraction.

In Ferrari World you will not only amazed by seeing Ferrari Cars or Race. Inside building there is allot of luxury type’s shops, restaurants, the authentic Italian dining will give you a great experience.

Note: We don’t provide Ferrari World tickets in our Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai packages, If you wish to go to Ferrari racing track territory, you must need to buy tickets in advance from any ticketing agency, without tickets you can still go inside the building for sightseeing.

A Ferrari ticket is approx 120 AED per head but may vary subjected to Tourist season.

Experience Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai with inclusion of Ferrari World sightseeing on low rates from us. Ferrari world is one of the best tourist attractions for families and kids.

Abu Dhabi tour with Emirates Palace

Abu Dhabi Sheikh Palace – Emirates Palace Tour


It’s the luxurious building in Abu Dhabi city, the cost of Sheikh Palace is approx 3 billion USD, It’s the second most expensive hotel ever built.

You will find this building very impressive, the Palace has the second high construction cost compare to the 7 star Hotel in Dubai, Burj Khalifa.

The most impressive part in Emirate Palace is Doom in the lobby area in beautiful geometric shape.

Another fun pact, the hotel appears in Fast & Furriest movie came out in 2015.

As per our experience this tourist spot is the most beautiful and most visited spot in second no in row from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai packages without inclusion of this tourist attraction is incomplete.

Abu Dhabi Louvre Tour From Dubai

Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum


Abu Dhabi city tour without this newly opened largest historical Abu Dhabi museum Louvre is half enjoyment.

This tourist spot considered the most top tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi city now.

From Dubai to Louvre Museum distance by our tourist buses is approx 1 hour 20 minutes; it is situated out from Abu Dhabi city territory in entrance area of Abu Dhabi city.

The Museum inaugurated on November 2017 by crown price of Abu Dhabi & French President. Abu Dhabi Louvre is an art Museum, The art reflect civilization.

The museum invites visitors to experience the human Art in a new angle.

Abu Dhabi Louvre situated in Sadiyat Island, the size of Museum is approx 24k Square meters with 8k Square meter galleries.

In short, it’s the treasure of Art, the museum art gallery contain of all religion art especially Islamic art.

Design of Louvre museum designed by Mr. Jean Nouvel belongs to France.

The cost of entry ticket per head is approx 50 AED and may vary.

Abu Dhabi Tour From Dubai, Qasr Al Hosn

Qasr Al-Hosn Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi city is the main historical place in United Arab Emirates, Qasr Al-Hosn is one of the oldest historical building in Abu Dhabi, Its know also the old fort built in 1973.

In past time, Ruler of United Arab Emirate was staying here and managing country from here.

Now after renovation of building, it’s converted to Museum, where you will see and imagine the history & culture of Arab.

You will be really amazed by seeing the eye catching works of Tiles; the art gallery will get you back to 6000 BC.

This built of stone historical building comprised of two building. Inner and outer palace, the outer palace constructed in 1945 whiles the inner major building construction end in 1795.

We have included this tourist spot in our Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai packages as many tourist love to see the historical places of Abu Dhabi and love to know how Arab people were living in past.

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi Tour

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi Tour


This is the oldest village of Arab people before the discovery of oil and developments.

The historical village situated just near to Abu Dhabi city beach areas. The art gallery shows the tourist how Arab was living and reveals the method of forming.

Heritage village was the hub of Pearl trading in Arab countries, and considered to be the most wonder place out of all other tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi city.

In our Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai packages enough time will be given to get the max enjoyment by seeing and study the oldest Arab Homes, Handicrafts designs, here you will see enough artifacts which is really attractive for tourist.

Here you will see the traditional tents, mountains homes built of stones.

The market place in heritage village is full of goods, items etc, you can also buy dressers, clothes here.

Standing on the fencing area of heritage village you will see the beach and new Abu Dhabi and in back side you will see old Abu Dhabi.

Ya Waterworld Abu Dhabi Tour

Yas Water World Abu Dhabi Tour


This amazing entertain place constructed in Yas Island, The main thrilling place for kids and adults are watersides, inner-tube river ride and the hydro magnetic tornado water ride.

The Theme Park comprised of restaurants, coffee shops and other items shops for kids.

Yas Water world Abu Dhabi Park opened in 2013 for visitors.

The park is home to more than 45 different rides, the water slides are suitable for all ages of people.

In our Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai itinerary it’s considered the best enjoyable spot especially for kids.

The environment around is amazing, you will see craze and happiness in all ages of people around.

Tickets need to be bought by tourist by his own self if they wish to go inside the park. Infants are free from entry tickets.

Emirate Park and Zoo Abu Dhabi

Emirate Park and Zoo Abu Dhabi


It’s the most top tourist attraction in the packages of Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai especially for families with kids.

The park connect people with different types of Animals, The environments of this park encourage children from child  age to well treat the animals, and exploring the message the animals are part of our life.

Emirate Park and Zoo is home to up to 1500 wild animals, which include birds, snakes, reptiles, camel, tiger, hippo etc.

The park consists of separate play ground for kids and having facilities of fast foods.

Emirate Park and zoo will be unforgettable experience for tourist, here the animal are treated very well.

The pleasant atmosphere will indeed encourage you to share you experience with other friends and family members.

Park is truly amazing tourist spot with offering a lot of fun to the families.

The staff and keepers of Zoo are very friendly and available any time to present you deep information of wild animals.

Get your kids to the treasure of animals and save the fun memories forever. Experience the innocent smile on your kids face

Grab the best Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai deals from us now.

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